Mobile and Moving

This year I needed to quickly record and release things to help me get over a block, cheer myself up by making something quick, or to experiemnt a bit. These are MP3, free to listen and released under Creative Commons licenses - so you can grab them and use them if you want as long as you credit me.  Also, let me hear it please - I like to hear what people are doing!




Orbits Series

Orbits came about as a need for contrast with Hiperad.  Hiperad would be slightly unstable and potentially busy, Orbits then would be more drone-like and minimal.  At the same time I was working more with the band and enjoying beats.  So as an alternative to what I'd done with Strange Textures so far, I wanted to introduce a beat element in a simplistic way to give things a head-nodding, pulsing quality to work with the drones and textures.

I wanted to take you on a journey and give you space to rediscover your path, your mind, your self. Perfect for submersion in water or light, bathe in a psychedelic support system travelling through many significant galactic and intergalactic events. Dark, warm, sensual, and trippy. 




Hiperad Series

Hiperad came from an idea to take old songs as the prompts for improvisation.  About half of season 3 of the podcast was influenced by this approach where I took the music (mainly chords) from the first number 1 records of the charts.  The vibe I was going for was a post-apocalyptic community finding these and trying to remake them with whatever they had available, incorporating whatever style they thought because they wouldn't know what it actually sounded like.  From this distance how would you know what was 50s or 80s or just an indeterminate “now”.

Monocle Rose

XPLRR Series

A Quiet Rebellion Series

Finding the Way Series

Moods and Melodies