Season Four - And we're off!

Season Four has begun today with episode one - This Train Is.  In some ways, it's an enormous relief.  As a weekly audio diary, I don't feel like I need to keep writing things here every week while it's going…

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Genre Debate and What I Do in the Future

I watched this documentary today - Chris Packham's “Inside Our Autistic Minds”. I thought it was good, and as someone with some autistic traits, really interesting to see people I have some things in common (or close enough) with.  But…

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Season Four - I've started

This year has not gone according to plan.  It's not even like I make plans, but even vague ideas just got abandoned really.   Things got in the way.

I wasn't sure that there would be a season four.  I took…

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Being Sociable?

At the bottom of my pages it says “I am being sociable on Mastodon”.  I have been, and I'm not leaving there - there's really good conversations and really good music people and ideas and information and so on over…

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New Freebie: Drones?

Yesterday (25 May 2024) was both Drone Day and Towel Day, so it seemed like a good idea to make some noise that fitted both.  I'm not that specific usually with music, and true to form, I wasn't this…

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This is how the updates come

I've been thinking that I've not been very socialable on Mastodon recently, and I've got out of the routine of posting updates here a little.  As a result, I thought I'll pop a few updates on the socials, start a…

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Tidying up a bit - get in touch?

As I continue to recover, I thought some tidying up might help a bit.  My music page has grown a lot and seperating out podcast soundtracks from albums helped, but the names seemed weird and I wanted the navigation to…

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New release: Orbits

Orbits came about as a need for contrast with Hiperad.  Hiperad would be slightly unstable and potentially busy, Orbits then would be more drone-like and minimal.  At the same time I was working more with the band and enjoying beats…

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Not for profit

I came across this post on Mastodon:

The blog post is worth a read.  Essentially though, Dave is making his music available for free and pointing people towards charities he supports to make a donation.  I like this approach.  I…

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Take a break

I took an enforced break.

Nothing too serious, but it did make some things a bit tricky and give me a lot of time for thought, albeit not entirely coherant.

  1. My go to thing when I feel bad is to…
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Community Music

Strange Textures is the name of the podcast, the name of the website, the name of the project. It isn't the name of the band.  The question is, does the name limit the ideas?  The original project has run its…

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