Project Completion

So to follow up the project round up, I'm closing off a few projects ready to focus on the new year:


I'm going to keep my Instagram account for now, but will take a break for a while at least, possibly permanently.  It's been fun for a while but I'm not into it as a project anymore and without that I'm not finding it very interesting.  So it becomes an archive that might go at some point.  It's going off my phone.  I'll put a last post on telling people to come here instead.  Might set up an email list here to keep in touch with those who want to know what I'm up to.


Done.  This website does everything I want although I am tempted by the vinyl and live options.  I might put that on my list for cracking next year in a different way.  But my Bandcamp account has gone.


Also more or less done.  Fun for a couple of weeks, but it just isn't me.  I prefer it as a social media platform to many others, but I'm not that social.  I want to work more on local social and real life.  I might keep the account and just follow hashtags to keep aware of a few things, but I've realised that I don't have much interest commenting or discussing things.  Maybe I just didn't find my people, but that's true in general.  I like a small meaningful social circle.  

What's left and what's next?

  • YouTube stays as an archive at least for the video stuff I've done.
  • Podcast - still the most interesting thing to me.  I have a few recorded ready and a few ideas for changes after that
  • Streaming - I might release there in future but not on this year's scale.  I have an idea for a third Moods and Melodies album which will take time
  • IRL music - a friend is having a go at launching another band and one band with a potential recording project
  • New music - I've just ordered some new gear and have an idea for new stuff that fits with previous notes
  • Physical products - I enjoyed that book making, might make some more things on a very limited basis

So, lots to come but maybe more real, more focussed, more thoughtful creation...

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