Season 2

Season 2 of the podcast is out and published weekly.  We're already on episode 5!  I'm still enjoying it, playing with some new gear so I've made a few more mistakes than previously, but it's coming together.  I'm not feeling a need to edit this into albums - the long form is really working for me and I've got different ideas for short form melodies and moods.  Maybe there will be a third album in that range out this year?

For the guitar people out there - I'm using a Boss SY-1000 this season just to try a few things out.  It was doing Wrecklamation Point last year that reminded me how much fun guitar synths can be (plus my wife got into some of the sounds I used to use suddenly).  It is less immediate though, I don't think it's just that my experience with FX is longer and more detailed, it just takes longer and more effort to get synth sounds where I want them to be.

I'd quite like to integrate it, but if not then I'd still keep it as a recording option.

In other news, I've been watching a lot of Community and Midsomer Murders and thinking about getting really into DAvid Lynch again.

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