More on tribes...


I'm winding down on Instagram.  I see it more and more as a marketing platform and less and less as something I want to be involved in on a personal level.  So I might advertise there at some point (probably not), but the interaction that was the original point of social media isn't there.  In my experience, the Fediverse is the only place that feels like it meets the original intention of these things.

I can see a future where I start my own server and post there, replacing this website.  Or integrating the two in some way (might mean a change of host).  

Still, two posts struck me this week:

True - I can't live alone for long before I struggle.  On the other hand:

Also true.  So I walk a fine line and don't always get the balance right.  Perhaps my next experiment is to go looking for a tribe again?  Perhaps hanging out on Mastodon for a while will be where I start again?  I'd be interested to know what you are all doing or would be interested in?

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