Instagram/Social Media

You know I've played around with social media in the past, and Instagram is the only one that I've stuck with for any amount of time.  I was about to leave that too when suddenly David Torn and Terry Riley followed me, so I felt I had to keep going.

I like a lot of the things I did to get back in the game creating little things especially for Instagram (I've collected a few of them on YouTube as ASF (Ambient Short Form) series.  But I don't always like making videos so gradually I've done less and more clips pointing people to other places (mainly here now).

I'm not going to delete Instagram, but I might reduce the amount I use it - partly because like most social media, I can see more and more how you become product, how it can take time away from things I feel are more important.

I might go back to Mastodon, or other decentralised networks.  But that would be on the basis of talking to people, not using it as a marketing tool.  And I don't always want to be particularly social so it might not be the best place in general for me.  I like making music, I like live interaction, and I like having a central place of my own to put things.

So over time I might shift to here almost exclusively or find a way to do more live things, perhaps record them or broadcast them through something like PeerTube.  Much to think about and discus.

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