I'm back on Mastodon.  Let me explain why…

Last time I tried Mastodon, I really enjoyed it.  I had doubts about being social in general, and I had doubts about how to contribute in a space that values that - community relies on individual responsibility.  I was using someone's instance and volunteering a payment, but it felt off somehow.  I've just found out that the host closed the instance, so I missed out on that, but it also completely makes sense to me - I wouldn't want to be responsible for other people, but I'm happy being responsible for me.

So this time, I've used a subdomain that I already own and put my monthly payment into a server host so I can run my own instance.  That means I'm self-sufficient in a way, or at least not relying on other people except by contract!  It's well defined at least.

It very much isn't to sell myself as happens on other media, this is where I want to hang out, talk a bit, find novel things out and pass them on.  Basically to be sociable, not promotable. I've already found a community of music based around Radio Free Fedi - and it's fascinating and entertaining.  I might find a way to contribute to that or I might pivot away from music - but it's fun exploring like I used to years ago.  It's not as easy, but it is more soulful I think.

See you over there, maybe?

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