Some Sunday Thoughts

It's Sunday, I have my feet up and I'm watching Jeff Buckley gig on from 1995.

First up, I'm really happy with how this week's podcast episode came out.  Especially the last 20 minutes or so where I'm working with a beat.  Sort of wish I'd put that as the first section.  I'll let you in on a little secret or two…

  1. I've finished recording all the episodes for this season.  I had a bit of a hyper-session and just did loads so this season is done and takes us up to Xmas.  I might not do another, at the moment it feels like it's time to move on, but it has given me time to do that.
  2. I rendered all the videos at random and left them working while I was getting other things done.  So if you are watching on YouTube, I haven't seen them either!
  3. Given how it's going I'm tempted to go back and edit some highlights together…

So, as ever I'm thinking what's next?  I'm still experimenting with the band a bit.  It would be very cool to do a gig or two.

I'd also planned to do a third album that is less abstract, so that's a possibility.  Particularly as I've got a bit into experimenting with new sounds in the Boss SY-1000.  I'm still fairly obessed with live capturing, the momentary, fleeting nature of performance more than the polished ‘master’ recording.  That and improvisation.  I wonder if I could gig more and be less ambient.  Sarah spotted a call for artists at a semi-local cafe, I'm thinking of exploring that opportunity.

But also, as a massive introvert and tricky logistics, live streaming is something I've been considering since lockdown.  I might have to gear up and try it at some point.  There's some really good examples out there (I've been digging a few here in particular:

I've also been thinking about all sorts of sustainability options and what's next in a wider sense than music.  Maybe it's because I'm coming up on a significant birthday?  Been there before and it's not a big deal, just a timing thing driving some thought and consideration.

Have a good one folks, see you again soon.

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