Progress and waiting

Saturday morning.  An electrician is here doing some work and I'm waiting for all that to be done before I get on with my stuff properly.  In the meantime I'm doing a bit more cover stuff for Hiperad, so some more hints at what things are going to look like…

Once that work is done, I'm going to walk the dog and start tidying and planning the home studio.  I did a little of the big moving parts one evening during the week, so I have a pile of things to go through and sort before I start putting things in workable places.  I susoect I need to buy some shelving or monitor stands but I can get it all planned out today if I'm lucky.

I also think I've got enough time and cables to put together the battery powered pedalboard for doing the chapel recording.  It won't be pretty yet, but I can at least check it will work, then I can start working out if it will all fit and be tidy on my old nano pedaltrain.  Fingers crossed…

I sometimes remember how lucky I am, on the other hand I also work at a day job to get the things I want to maintain my hobby.  So I suppose, grateful all round for luck and opportunity to do what I enjoy most.  So by the end of this round of infrastructure development I'm going to effectively have 4 different gear gigs:

  1. Home studio - mainly built around Helix, can plug the others into this
  2. Band live rig - mainly built around Boss guitar synth
  3. Battery rig - ambient go anywhere rig
  4. Practice rig - Spark Go and a Mustang copy

I feel I need to live up to this to justify being lucky enough to have them.  Also, number 4 is cheap and brash but also pretty cool and I might use it for more than just practice, it might be quite an interesting challenge to make things on this - creative limitations and all that.  Maybe this could be the basis, or at least part of the regular podcast type thing I've been saying I'll do.  A replacement for me trying to talk, I could do this as a daily or weekly podcast just on this site, or as a collection of tracks that I can post on Mastodon.

So a few more mechanics to fix and a name - need a good name for it too.  Perhaps that's more I can work on while I'm waiting…

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