Closer and closer

The Hiperad cover art is all done, and so is Orbits.  In theory I could release them all now, but that would be an awful lot in one go.  I think I might do each as a collection of 3 albums, but with a forth summary one.  I'm not sure if I'm doing a triple album with a short version, or an album with an ‘extended and elaborated’ version.  I think I also need a space between them, I'm tentatively thinking Litha (21 June I think this year) for Hiperad, and Mabon (22 September) for Orbits as the release dates on wide services.  Perhaps earlier on Bandcamp, and even earlier on here so there's a strict hierarchy?

These two will probably be the last I put on anywhere other than here.

I'm mostly sorted on the home studio - couple of bookcases to sort out and a general tidy and set up to go.  That would mean I could get on with the third Moods and Melodies album - following on from Connector I want to do a written and recorded ‘traditional’ album.  I've got some ideas for it already - that always goes on in the background until ready to emerge.

I've also got the mobile battery rig sorted so I'm all ready to go out and record.  Not long to go now to the chapel ‘introverted gig’.  Looking forward to that and using that rig a bit to do a more regular podcast type thing.  I'm thinking up names at the moment while listening to Spontaneanation.  Something like 'Momentary' perhaps.  You have to know when to freeze and when to go - so I've been considering Froments and Groments as well as Moments.

I'll keep thinking.

Also all sorted on the practice rig - I'm thinking I might try some recording with that on holiday, maybe including some video.  At least the sorting out seems to be about done, and I can get back to playing (in earnest - but not earnestly?)


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