In order to write, I have to align myself into lines that make sense, so the communication is linear in order to be understood.  This filter sits over the organic nature of reality.  When I play music, I'm still communicating but from this non-linear, organic place.  People find it harder to directly understand because it is abstract.

One of these is in the moment, the other travels across time.  Both are useful and necessary but as I get older I get less interested in linear communication and to an extent I find it harder to do. I prefer to be pathless rather than on a laid out course.

I also find direct, linear communication more suited to dissatisfaction and separation - it takes much more effort to communicate love and support than disappointment and hate.  Even when that isn't the intention or feeling, it is seem to me easier to be misunderstood when writing linear thoughts.  I don't know if this is a feature of the method, or the nature of communication between people and the tendency for it to lack faith.

This is motivating me to use abstract communication more - because it is all love, no hate is included.

If I refuse to be limited by linear time, I can go on forever.  And some would say that I do when I start either talking about guitars and music, or when I play.  But then we do go on forever, don't we?  Or our music does? Or - I don't know the words here, I'm running out and yet it's so easy to express this in tones.

All of which is giving a hint at what Orbits looks like and what the new podcasty thing is going to be.  It will be hosted here and not listed as a podcast.  I might set it up as an open ended album and then add the blog entries that mean it can be followed from RSS.  That would mean I can post as previews from the album and add easily to the site.  I might try it a couple of different ways before settling on either (and seek some advice on Mastodon).

Of course, I need to decide on a name as well.  Sort of tempted to call it “Here” (which is sort of a Murdoch Mysteries reference)…

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