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Strange Textures is the name of the podcast, the name of the website, the name of the project. It isn't the name of the band.  The question is, does the name limit the ideas?  The original project has run its course I think, many hours of music, lots of releases, lots of interest, but I feel a need to explore different places, projects and ideas.  Maybe that would still fit under the same banner though?  Is Strange Textures where I find my “home” now?

Having a home of my own makes me feel independent, unconstrained, free.  Having a community makes me feel purposeful, appreciated.  I never really found a community that I fully belonged to though.  In addition the idea of building a community around me repels me utterly - I want to join in, not tell anyone else what to do or put restrictions around them.

I definitely prefer being on a Mastodon instance with people rather than running my own.  I got excited about joining a PeerTube instance, but it stopped working and that felt really bad so I haven't got round to joining another (I definitely don't want to run my own).  It would be nice to join and put up the Strange Textures video archive at least, and I had an idea for another project that fits under the same banner but gets a bit different.

I also have been thinking about music hosting.  A federated service would be really good and I see people starting down that road, but it will be a while and I have no useful skills in aiding development.  Mirlo is looking good as a Bandcamp alternative and could replace this site to be honest.  Move the music there, move the video to PeerTube and build a really small website with my bio and links, maybe a space for these ramblings..?  That would save some money which I could put to use supporting Mirlo or similar.

In a recent post on Mirlo, they sum up a Discord (I find Discord really hard to use; Matrix too to be honest, and I'm not sure why) discussion about community, value, work and self-hosting.  It made me feel that while I can self-host, I should, as that frees up space for others not as privileged as I.  So keep this site going and host whatever (bonus freedom for me). But take steps to not drift off by interacting more in the communities I have become part of.  That could become the next Strange Textures phase, which I'm thinking of licensing under CC and encouraging people to take and use.  Also Radio Free Fedi - it just feels like a great thing to encourage and support where I can.

What doesn't work is keep talking about it and debating instead of actually working on  it.  That probably means it's time to publish the last parts of the edited podcast too.  So I have - Hiperad is out now and I've put it on Mirlo to try things out.  Just Orbits to publish next, but I think I'll give people a little break before I do that.  Maybe 6 May is a good date..?

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