Tidying up a bit - get in touch?

As I continue to recover, I thought some tidying up might help a bit.  My music page has grown a lot and seperating out podcast soundtracks from albums helped, but the names seemed weird and I wanted the navigation to work better.

So that's done.  A Music page lists categories with a bit of explanation, the Albums page sits under that along with Podcast Soundtracks and a new page for FREEBIES!  I like making quick little things to giveaway, and now they have a place to live.  This came about because I made one yesterday called Recovery to try and break a little mental block I'd got.

I also tidied up a few other things - no more Discord account.  I wasn't enjoying the format and the content wasn't the most engaging.  I'll miss a small amount, but get away from another scrolling, draining, largely pointless social activity.  Same for Element - that was my Radio Free Fedi check in chat which I will miss a little, but more time for actual listening this way!

Just WhatsApp to ditch next.  In preperation I've joined Signal.  Long term I suspect my social presence will drop and I'll hang out here, where I can post and not care about response, or just talk to people over Signal instead.  SO if you can get on with a neurodiverse introvert that doesn't manage small talk well and prefer music to verbalising generally:

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