This is how the updates come

I've been thinking that I've not been very socialable on Mastodon recently, and I've got out of the routine of posting updates here a little.  As a result, I thought I'll pop a few updates on the socials, start a chat maybe, perhaps get into replying more.

I lurk on Mastodon mostly.  Sometimes I post, sometimes I reply, sometimes it feels quite good.  But over the last few weeks I've started feeling worse about it. I remember that words belong to the day job, away from that I really don't want to vocalise much. On the other hand, not vocalising makes me feel like I'm not contributing and if I'm not contributing I feel a bit guilty about wading in - so I'm even less likely to write there.  As it gets less likely, the thoughts queue up and suddenly I can't post because it would be like spam.  So here is an update of only potentially connected things…

  • I managed to rebook the chapel for recording - except there are now roadworks on the day rendering it inaccessible. I'm starting to think that the delays and problems are trying to tell me something.  I'd already realised that I didn't want to use working churches, perhaps even out of use ones are the wrong move? Perhaps I should look into delapidated, abandoned places - I do like pictures of them and it fits with the broken theme? Or do I focus on finishing the studio off and concentrate on the music rather than mobility?
  • I've supported Mirlo through their Kickstarter - it feels like a good community to encourage and join in with, like Radio Free Fedi, it could supply something that independent musicians need, and if it includes options for federation and distribution so much the better.  Imagine being a label connected to a community that could pick up a decentralised solution to selling music, how good would that be?
  • Speaking of which, community has been on my mind again.  I never found one for me, and I don't want to try and create one around me (I tried that years ago when I had some energy for it).  I few people I follow are going down the #BeYourOwnPlatform route - where I already am functionally.  I do like to have this space for me, but I miss the community element in some ways. I keep looking locally for ways to start things up or join in with things already working - I don't think its me really.
  • I have put a couple of releases onto Mirlo as well.  I'm thinking that it might be good to throw in with a group of people to feel part of something and to decrease my overheads.  I could have a cheaper hosting solution and embed ‘my’ Mirlo storefront.  Decreasing my cost means more chance of becoming not for profit properly…
  • I'm still thinking about the format for season 4 of the podcast.  Firstly, it isn't really a podcast anymore, it's a weekly live ambient guitar gig that I pretend is a podcast to distribute it quickly and easily.  I can do that from this site instead of using Acast.  It generates an RSS feed that I could automate to Mastodon via a bot as well as being there for the few subscribers. Alternatively I could add a visualiser to each and post on PeerTube - a bit like the other seasons on YouTube.  I'm not sure about using generated visuals though, but it does make the ‘show’ more socialable itself, which I like.
  • If I don't go for visuals, Castopod does distribute in a social way, but overall it feels a bit too much.  Someone just mentioned a decentralised Soundcloud - that might be what I'm looking for.  Maybe I just use what I've got for now, wait for developments but keep making the music - in the end that's the important bit after all!  Someone on Mastodon responded to Recovery like this: “I've downloaded it and am listening now. I've been feeling a fair amount of anxiety about various things recently and this album is really soothing and helping me to focus.”  That's exactly the sort of thing I hope for with what I do.
  • I've also gradually moved away from using Audible and Apple Audiobooks, going through and getting DRM versions.  Bit of library tidying up to do, but it feels good to have things that don't depend on particular platforms.  I don't mind it so much for TV and Movies (very few I want to own and keep as mine, very happy at having acess to lots of emphemoral variety).
  • Part way there on ditching my Kindle too.  I got it as a present a long time ago and it lasted really well, but again, locked in, few things I want to keep and there are more options these days.  I also realised that the area head library has moved to within a 5 minute walk of the office.  So I got myself a library card for the first time in 20 years and I'm looking to pick up a Kobo reader to keep some DRM free books on permanently and use the library services to borrow mostly.  Using the library feels like a community thing as well.

Maybe I just need to relax and see where it all goes - there is some community out there that I phase in and out of.  Perhaps that is my thing…

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