New Freebie: Drones?

Yesterday (25 May 2024) was both Drone Day and Towel Day, so it seemed like a good idea to make some noise that fitted both.  I'm not that specific usually with music, and true to form, I wasn't this time either.  Are they really drones?  They are fairly long form ambient-ish pieces that focus on holding a mood, and while not static, they are vastly reduced in melodic movement.

I'm really pleased with the result and have made it into an MP3 album available here for free.  It's called Drones? because I'm not 100% sure they are.  But I can imagine the Book talking over the top, particularly the last track which feels to me like it fits into the In C/Rainbox in Curved Air style of the original broadcasts of H2G2.


I recorded these early in the afternoon and published them using a picture I took in 2014 at an air show of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.  It was a random choice that seemed to fit.  Three hours later I saw the news that there had been a crash of a Spitfire that was part of the BBMF including a fatality slightly earlier that day.  In other words, around the time I was recording and publishing with that picture.  I thought about changing the cover, but that seemed wrong somehow.  Hopefully no one finds it insensitive.

What I would like to do though, as this is a freebie from me, is to ask you to consider donating some money to the RAF Association.  The RAF Association is one of the oldest military charities. They offer support to an RAF community of one million people.

Every year they help more than 85,000 people to overcome difficulties ranging from physical and mental wellbeing issues to financial struggles.

Don't forget where your towel is.

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