Being Sociable?

At the bottom of my pages it says “I am being sociable on Mastodon”.  I have been, and I'm not leaving there - there's really good conversations and really good music people and ideas and information and so on over there.  But it is still social media, and it still carries some of the bad things that carries.

Also, in terms of sociability, it isn't something I enjoy.  I lurk, I support, I join in to an extent, but it isn't really me.  I prefer smaller social contacts, with greater understanding and connection.  Generally less talking, more playing music. I don't want to be inaccessible, so I want a method of being available for people that doesn't work like Social Media.  Obviously here on this website I can push out my thoughts - and I've been doing that for a while now.  There are ways to respond through Mastodon, or on the site itself through comments.  There's also my contact form to send me an email.  

I've tried Discord and Matrix, but the format just doesn't work for me.  I sometimes wonder if as I get older, I have less tolerance for methods of communication that I've never really liked or got on with (could be the autism - I'm masking less and accepting more of myself).

I thought I'd try this, though - a Signal group that you can join.  No specific intent but obviously I'm interested in music and space and healing, so if you want to talk to me and potentially a few others feel free to join.

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