Season Four - I've started

This year has not gone according to plan.  It's not even like I make plans, but even vague ideas just got abandoned really.   Things got in the way.

I wasn't sure that there would be a season four.  I took a break to see what would happen, with a few ideas on the list for doing:

  • A more composed album to go with Connector - bits of that are in my head and sketched down but I've not spent much time on it yet
  • Introvert's tour - this did get going, but everytime I've tried to go and record, something has happened such as heading to hospital, road closures, unfortunate things getting in the way.  Getting the gear for it sorted has given me 3 albums of material put out for free though
  • More playing with the band - impacted by venue refitting and illness, everyone is hoping to get back to playing soon, but it's always just a bit further away

None of this is terribly bad, but you'll have noticed a certain amount of frustration in writing words instead of making music on my part.  I'd rather be making music to communicate and perhaps unsurprisingly as I've felt more recovered, music has come to me in the form of an idea for season four.

I can honestly say I've started work on it.  Once again it will be a different format, mostly spontaneous and improvised.  I've got some ideas for editing sections together though so it will be more “show” like and I'm planning on 10 30 minute episodes for it.  No idea if that's how it will actually turn out, we should find out before the solstice (no certain date yet, but I'm aiming for publishing the first episode before we get there).

It also has a theme - as I haven't been able to travel and record, I'm going to field record some environments to bring home and use as the backdrop to play over.  These will hopefully show some of the unnoticed background noise that I encounter everyday - it's still a form of journal and this is partly about me exploring my misophonia/hyperacuity which has been troubling me recently more than usual.

As ever, I'm talking about finding peace in the world and moving through life with purpose and the personal power to get done the things you want to get done.  So it should also still have some helpful properties, giving a bit of space and thought to you.

This is my hope.

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