What if you can't find your tribe?

Find your tribe is advice I've been hearing for a long time.  It's very good advice in general and creatively if you can find anywhere where you are seen, understood, appreciated, supported, challenged and so on then you will benefit immensely. 

But I feel compelled to add something.  It's great advice.  But some people have no tribe. I've have never been “authentically recognised” and supported or understood by pretty much one person ever.  I've looked in different places, tried different things.  I don't stop looking.

But also don't wait to find your tribe.  And if you don't find them, get your support and understanding through other ways.  Some people just don't have a tribe to find.  I don't even seem to have a tribe amongst the people I've met that also have no tribe.

So take the advice, but also seek alternatives if you have to wait long without that tribe.  Feel free to talk to me about it. 

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