XPLRR Series

XPLRR has it's roots in Season Two of the podcast.  I wanted to explore some new sounds and approaches, because change and experiment are core to me staying interested in what I'm doing.  I've experimented before with synthetic sounds, but quite a long time ago, so I picked up a new guitar synth and started to explore what I could do with it.  New textures and greater melodic emphasis I think.  All still improvised, but more shaped as I go and also more free from constriction.

Maker's Dawn

A Quiet Rebellion Series

Following on from finding the way, I set up Strange Textures as a podcast and started to record live once a week.  I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share some edited highlights - like one of my favourite comedy podcasts (Superego), this is improvised, analysed and brought to you whenever we can bring it to you.  It feels indulgent, but season 1 is very much me being focussed on improvised ambient and experimental guitar and this series distils that experience into some of my best work so far.

Stellar Umbrella

Galactic Ataractic

Universal Dispersal

Finding the Way Series

This series amounts to some edited highlights of live sessions recorded during the COVID lockdown.  The only governing idea was to capture honest feeling at the time.  The editing was basic, simplistic, and quick.  I was looking for something, hoping to get back on a path that I would enjoy…


Many Times Now

Marchland Stars

Moods and Melodies

Strange Textures Podcast