This is where I keep my music.  It's in a few categories now as it's grown but hopefully easy to navigate round!  All of the tracks should play, so you can listen for free or buy and download things you want to keep.

Albums: This is where I keep full, traditionally formatted albums.  All in CD quality (44.1Hz/16bit) and generally around an hour long.  A lot are edited versions of tracks originally recorded for the podcast.  Most are ambient with a hint of post-rock and generally very good for immersion and chilling out to.  I sometimes do more ordered, written tracks with bass and crums - still instrumental but more regular song sounding.  There's a lot to listen to.

Podcast Soundtracks: These are the full episodes of my podcast but without me talking at all.  At the moment it's season 1 - 3 complete (season 4 will start soon but goes on a seperate page I think).  Each episode is between 40 and 60 minutes so I have to use MP3 for size, but it is 320kbps, so about the best you can do under the circumstances.

Freebies: I sometimes quickly record and release things as giveaways.  This usually helps me get over a block, or is just to cheer myself up by making something quick, or to experiemnt a bit. These freebies come and go, are MP3, free to download and listen and release under Creative Commons licenses - so you can grab them and use them if you want as long as you credit me.  Also, let me hear it please - I like to hear what people are doing!