Season Four

This year hasn't gone as expected, this isn't the Season Four I'd planned to do. But not long ago I got an idea to try a season that was improvised, but more edited together as a real 'show' was. I also couldn't travel to record, which was the plan originally, but I could do some field recording and I had ideas for spoken word elements that would add to that 'programme' feel whilst adding new textures and still being a form of diary. In particular, doing the field recordings became a sort of study of my aural hyperacuity and my guitar performance as a response or balance to that. 

Episode One: This Train Is

A short train journey with me.  Doing the field recording made me realise how much I filter out without thinking.  The original mix was unbearable for me to listen to and has a set a bit of template where the real world fades out and is replaced with the guitar, I suspect that this is quite representative of what is happening in my head.

Episode Two: Where's the Rest of My Garden?

A rest garden, former graveyard created to handle the cholera pandemic around 1837, in the city centre. It is very peaceful for such a central spot.  There are nature sounds as well as industrial noise which fades into the background…

Episode Three: Mystery Books

It's been a while since I was in a library.  I remember the hushed atmosphere, the suspended time, the smell. The new library is bustling, vibrant, vital. I like it, but in a different way. And there really isn't any silence in the library anymore.

Episode Four: I Am a Bench

The local park, where I walk the dog.  Lots of dedicated benches for people already gone. I become a bench and sit, waiting to be of service.  The wind in the trees is the main sounds, rustling leaves and the occaisional padding feet and berefit calls…