Improvisations (unedited)

These are episodes of my improvised guitar podcast. A sort of non-verbal personal journal. As time goes on I find words less and less satisfactory for communicating what I want to communicate.  Not at work, where there is a high usage and need for precise, concise language. But in contrast to that, outside those limitations words don't seem to cover it for me.

I improvised a new piece of abstract, textural, music every week for people to listen to or ignore while doing something else. I improvise a lot, and I wanted to create a little place to share what is really a small gig with you. Each week I improvised and recorded a new piece, usually about 40 to 50 minutes including all the happy accidents* and published it. I'm currently taking a break from it and moving on to other things.  I will probably come back to it…

You might find it useful as background for study, sleep, meditation and so on. Or you might actually like listening to this sort of thing. It might get a bit 'experimental' now and again.  While I enjoy 'pure' abstract, ignorable, ambient a great deal, I also like to add texture, rhythm, and melody to express a variety of moods.  I'm not aiming at wallpaper music so it can be in the background but hopefully can grab attention or satisfy a deep, close listen as well.

*all the mistakes

Series 1, Volume 1

Series 1, Volume 2

Series 1, Volume 3

Series 2, Volume 1

Series 2, Volume 2

Series 2, Volume 3

Series 3, Volume 1

Series 3, Volume 2

Series 3, Volume 3

Season 3 Shuffled