I wanted to include a project I did on Instagram a while ago here on the site.  I made a set of aphorisms to go with the Omniscapes I was writing and want to keep them (I had a backup failure so don't have the images anymore):

-34 Take action. You have a voice, put it to use 

-33 Respond rather than react. Reflect and listen 

-32 Persevere in growing. Discomfort is expected and can be useful 

-31 Don’t be defensive. Remain open to feedback 

-30 Be patient, maintain appropriate effort and appropriate rest 

-29 Find support and support others even in and through conflict 

-28 Organise yourself 

-27 Be yourself and understand your self extends to all  

-26 Create anticipation. Allow things to happen 

-25 Be alive and present 

-24 Seek the peace of flow, not the peace of stagnation 

-23 Move away from the sidelines 

-22 Be clear about your interaction with others 

-21 You are a guest here, consider what you are trying to control 

-20 Don’t take yourself seriously 

-19 Allow your environment to inspire you 

-18 Be an example 

-17 Be flexible and look for growth 

-16 Engage with people 

-15 Widen your view 

-14 Right and wrong are illusions 

-13 Allow yourself grace, accept what really is 

-12 Be free of the past 

-11 Check your sincerity 

-10 Keep an open mind, you don’t know 

-09 You don’t need to prove anything 

-08 Make your habits nourish 

-07 Adapt and adjust. Be unlimited 

-06 Rise to the challenge 

-05 Interdependence is not optional  

-04 Change your outlook. Be aware of what you’re attracting  

-03 Commit to the goal, not the tasks 

-02 Align goals with your purpose 

-01 Refresh your vision 

000 Compassion. No easy choice, no dogma, no codification. But thought, care, and consideration 

+01 Refresh your priorities 

+02 Align with your environment 

+03 Step back, consider options 

+04 Stand at your centre. Do not do what is not necessary 

+05 Act. Innovate. Encourage 

+06 The darkness shows up your light 

+07 Be part of your community 

+08 Enjoy difference and debate. Understand the positive in friction 

+09 Appreciate opposition 

+10 Renew yourself. Release stress and tension 

+11 Look clearly at where you are now. 

+12 Put your plans into action 

+13 Balance your tenacity with growth above it 

+14 See yourself clearly without judgement 

+15 Join with people of shared interest 

+16 Be mindful of your biggest goals 

+17 Be tranquil in the face of resistance as it helps you feel your strength 

+18 Your internal resources are inexhaustible 

+19 Open yourself to transformation 

+20 Be the authentic you 

+21 Find the joy in acting against difficulty 

+22 Still your mind 

+23 Focus on internal development and let it permeate 

+24 Know when to wait and watch 

+25 You have everything. Start letting it go 

+26 Go exploring 

+27 You are supported to take persistent steps forward 

+28 Express love and joy and show others 

+29 Be fearlessly yourself and share it with others 

+30 Clarify and understand the boundaries showing you the direction 

+31 Follow your inner truth, not other people 

+32 Stay simple. Devote yourself to the small actions that need to be done 

+33 Find your balance. Be aware of the patterns 

+34 Prepare yourself. The cycles go on

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