More editing: a project update

I did a rambling post about ongoing projects and I thought I'd do a quick update.

  1. The bit about why I do this is in the back of my mind and buzzes a bit when people mention something similar or aligned.  This makes me happy.
  2. I have been exploring repertoire a little.  Its slow going because other things have been happening.
  3. Bandcamp - I was looking for a way to support people looking for alternatives.  As it happens Radio Free Fedi are doing the real helping in terms of getting people hosted through Faircamp.  So I've supported them as the most practical things I can do.
  4. Podcast highlight albums has been where I've spending most of my free time.  You'll have seen Maker's Dawn come out.  I've got drafts ready for the rest of season 2 and I'm edging towards completion.  Maybe one for Xmas and one in February?  I'm slightly nervous about starting on season 3, it might be the hardest to do, or it might be really easy and I won't know until I get going.  I think the worry is that when I start it might weigh on me until done even if its tricky.  Also, should I be creating a season 4?
  5. Instead of season 4, I was thinking of doing a daily podcast purely on here.  Other than the name I've not done much with this yet, but I like the idea of getting audience suggestions like I did at the start - polls on Mastodon perhaps? I guess I'm looking for some sort of community involvement…
  6. Introvert's Tour - definitely one for next year/Spring onwards
  7. Livestreaming - leaning towards building a shared local space for this rather than just my own.  I like the idea of doing it on my own, but the live element really fits a more social aspect and I want to get better at that.  I'm studying and getting ideas from lovely people I'm meeting on Mastodon.

Upshot (TL;DR): More albums coming along.  Looking for more local space and interactive ideas…


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