New Release: Unfamiliar Recognition

And now, the time is near - its the last volume in the XPLRR series!

Coming from season 2 of the podcast, this needed the most editing I've needed to do and I'm so pleased with the result.  From a slightly disjointed start signalling that things are going to be a bit different, the most minimal work I've done is interrupted by something close to progressive ambient - somewhere beyond post-rock touching on world music.  Back to very chilled ambient before adding in some elements of glitch, jazz, and blues.  There is a hint of Angelo Badalmenti (The Voice of Love), and yes; that is a reference to Airwolf in there.  This one undulates and travels the furthest! 

Compared to the episodes, it's also the most heavily edited and equalised which has been interesting and tiresome.  I like the result - some hard edits have been more playful and random rather than preserving the mood of the long-form version.  The taming of frequencies was difficult - I've been working a little on season 3 and the same things aren't there as I'd spent longer editing sounds in advance - and that has given it a vibe that I like.  In colour terms it would be a little cooler, slightly distant.

On the whole, still an album you can put on and chill out to, but this one will take you to different places and reward closer listening more than a wallpaper approach.  Maybe I'm heading towards post-ambient..?


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