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At the bottom of each page, in the footer, there are some links.  I've just updated them to remove things like Spotify and Apple Music.  Partly because I'm feeling more independent, partly because if you use that sort of thing, the search works perfectly well and I'm easy to look up.  But this is the place where all my music is consistently.

I've got an idea for 2 more albums that will go out to the usual places this year, and then I'll move towards just being here (might change the name of the site at some point).  That includes Bandcamp - I guess I'm seriously going for independence!

I'm in two minds about YouTube - it's still there as a link because there are some things that I'm still proud of in terms of video, I could move this and archive them somewhere else like PeerTube, but I'm not very into the admin of getting it done at the moment.  Maybe I'll just leave it there and take the link off at some point.

So links for now:

  • Mastodon - where I interact with people and try to not just be about music
  • YouTube - archive of abstract music videos including the 1 minute stuff I did for Instagram
  • RSS - so you can follow/subscribe/whatever you call it.  It's the news feed that this news it part of
  • Faircamp webring random - I'm not part of the faircamp webring, but I thought it would be fun to add the random link in case you want to go and discover other independent musicians

Just so you know!

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