Take a break

I took an enforced break.

Nothing too serious, but it did make some things a bit tricky and give me a lot of time for thought, albeit not entirely coherant.

  1. My go to thing when I feel bad is to share music, give it away, try to help other people feel good because that makes me feel good.  So how do I do more of that?
  2. I've been thinking if Strange Textures is the right name for the next phase of stuff.  After lots of back and forth I've come to the conclusion that I don't care about the name.  So why not keep it?
  3. I had to cancel the recording at the Chapel that I'd got planned, and I was quite annoyed about that.  Should be easy to rearrange but it feels like I need to commit to it more than just a one off.  What does this mean and is it connected to point1?
  4. I really don't like having material unpublished.  I've deliberately slowed down Hiperad and Orbits and I feel it like a weight I'm carrying around.  I want to be more spontaneous, which the original podcast did.  How do I get back there without annoying everybody with volumes of music?

So some good questions to answer.  Plus I have some simplistic ideas about answering.  It might take a while to get going after the enforced rest, but I can see what comes next…