Season 3 Shuffled - Hiperad

In order to work on editing Season 3 down to publishable albums I thought I'd start by separating out the different sections of each episode.  Effectively that means I've shuffled the episodes round.

The first section (usually around 20 minutes) was an improvisation guided by chord sequences I got from early 50s charts.   Listening back, I can hear the 50s style in there which is intriguing.  Partly this was a challenge to use improvisioanl prompts rather than just trying to be in the moment.  I enjoyed doing it, but it is a different discipline that I wouldn't do a lot of I think.

I'd also had an idea a while ago to reinterpret these songs as if they were rediscovered by some post-apocolyptic community.  They'd found references that had been slightly destroyed or weathered.  Originally of course it had said “Hit Parade” - but then I realised I was spelling it wrong and preferred it that way.

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